Tuesday, January 1, 2013

two weeks

I can't believe my sweet baby girl is already two weeks old. Time flies!

Highlights of this week:

Getting over jaundice without having light treatment s (hooray for no more heel pricks!).

Scary vomiting, visit to the doctor, reflux diagnosis, and zantac prescription. The medicine tastes terrible but baby girl gulps it down like a champ. We are also being careful not to overfeed her, and to keep her upright for awhile after eating. So far so good.

Evie has a bellybutton! Glad that yucky cord finally fell off.

We switched from Huggies to Pampers. Stain treating has diminished significantly as a result.

Evelyn loves to have her hands free, not swaddled. She also loves to have her face stroked, and her vibrating baby papisan chair.

We love watching her facial expressions, like when she puckers her lips, raises her eyebrows and wrinkles her her forehead, yawns and sticks her tongue way out, or does those goofy sleepy newborn smirks. We also love snugging her and holding her while she sleeps even though we don't have to. Basically we just love her.

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