Thursday, January 17, 2013

one month

Really? It has already been a month?

I can't say that every second is full of sunshine and rainbows, but I can say that every day I am overwhelmed with love and adoration for little Evelyn.  She is beautiful and funny and and so cute,  and she already amazes me.

She is 10+ pounds,  and so alert. She sleeps usually five or six hours at night,  as long as I let her nurse to sleep and stay in our bed (a bad habit I know,  but it works and for now the sleep is too valuable to change). 

She loves the bath,  until we wash her face and hair. She also loves to ride in the car,  and falls asleep every time. She gets the hiccups several time a day,  and as my nephew says, her little sneezes are about the cutest thing ever. Sometimes she gives me genuine snugs, where she nuzzle her face into my neck or rests her head on my shoulder,  and wraps her little arm around mine. It is the best feeling in the world. Or maybe a close second to kissing her little cheeks. 

Evie,  we love you.  We couldn't ask for a better baby,  and feel so blessed to be your parents. Happy one-month birthday!

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