Saturday, February 25, 2012


Don't mind my awkward pose in this picture... I just wanted to share my crazy outfit with you. A says it looks like Skittles.

Inspired by Valerie and Emma, I took the plunge into colored pantalones. I chose these persimmon-colored skinnies from h&m (my first h&m purchase ever). The hot pink shoes are new too, on sale for $10 at Target. The purple v-neck was on sale for $4. I love sales. This is also my first attempt at color blocking, if it can even be called that. It might be a bit of a crazy outfit, but I kind of love it. The yellow sweater was A's suggestion, good idea honey!

Anyway, it's been a great week. Over the holiday weekend I did some super cleaning. I really love having a clean house! I also went to an estate sale where I scored some adorable vintage greeting cards and an antique pin with carved ivory roses.

Wednesday I went to the mall by myself, which I actually kind of love (being able to shop at your own pace is nice). That's were I picked up the orange pants.

Thursday I had a night out on the town with my sweet Grandma, mom, and sister M (we missed our Montana sister!). Grandma was a Home Economics teacher for many years, and she always cooks up the most delicious meals. Thursday we had salmon with peas and carrots, scalloped potatoes, salad, and banana chiffon pie. So good! Then we went to Pioneer Theater and saw a stage production of Emma. I love that story, and we had such a lovely time.

Yesterday A and I went on a date to the temple and Chik-Fil-A (my most favorite fast food) and then to Target. He tolerated my shoe and clothing shopping, and even allowed me to sneak some cadbury mini eggs into our basket. It's my birthday next week, I was a cleaning machine last week, and I majorly helped him edit a paper for school so he's been extra sweet to me lately as a result. Love that guy.

Today we went to the baptism of a woman in our neighborhood. It was very special, there was such a strong spirit there. Then I went to a bridal shower with my mom, which is always fun, and tonight we are having a big pizza and Wii party with A's family. I don't love Wii, but I do love pizza, and we're going to have ice cream/cookie sandwiches in honor of my birthday. Fun, no?


lynandsky said...

I got 2 pairs of maternity pants at H&M this week (for 1/2 the price of the 1 pair I was eyeing at GAP). I LOVE them and consequently am in love with H&M. The only disappointment is that they are maternity pants and so - hopefully - I wont need to wear them much longer. I love them so much though that I might try to swing them for as long as possible! :)

Valerie said...

No, not fun. Awesome.

I love clothes that look like candy. Well played.

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