Thursday, February 9, 2012

fab ab february

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So it's day nine of Fab Ab February, and I have a confession.

I missed two days. Monday I just plum forgot, and Tuesday I didn't get home from the office till 11:00 pm. It had been a very bad day, and I just couldn't face it.

But yesterday, I got back on the bandwagon. I contemplated trying to do it twice a day to get caught up, but ended up just doing the day 8 routine. I went from 6 pushups last Saturday to 8 pushups yesterday, and it was okay!

So, here's to re-commitment. And to being able to do a real pushup by the end of the month!

Have you ever done a month-long fitness program?

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lynandsky said...

Skyler and I did the P90X fitness program - it's 90 days (or 3 months). I'm not gonna lie - it was REALLY hard, but when we actually completed the whole things it was an awesome feeling that has worked for fitness motivation since then. It's like finishing a 1/2 marathon - you realize you did it! Keep it up!

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