Saturday, December 17, 2011


Yesterday A and I went on a little date. We planned to go to the Salt Lake Temple and then to PF Chang's, where we could use a gift card. Well, traffic was horrid. It took us forever to get downtown, and then parking was a mess because of the Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert.

Once we finally made it into the temple, we had missed the 5pm endowment session by minutes, so instead we did sealings. It was very special, probably one of my favorite temple experiences. Another couple shared that they had been married for 48 years. Their sealer (the person who officiated their wedding) was Harold B. Lee. Then they shared some of the advice he gave them. So neat!

Anyway, after the temple, we drove over to PF Chang's, and found an excellent parking spot. When we went inside, they told us the wait for two would be more than an hour! We promptly left, and ended up at Red Rock, where the seated us immediately. A ordered the fish and chips, and I ordered the reuben. This is significant  because this is where we went on or first date, and we ordered the exact same thing! And, nearly five years later, it was just as good.


{me, enjoying the last few bites of my grilled reuben}

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