Monday, May 23, 2011


I really did graduate, or at least I think so. Still haven't gotten my diploma in the mail, but I did the whole pomp and circumstance thing.

Graduation day, I skipped the morning commencement. Instead I slept in, and watched all the shows I'd missed from being busy on Hulu. Then I got dressed in this super amazing dress, which wasn't what I thought I wanted for graduation, but when I saw it I knew instantly it was the one:

{Dress: White House Black Market; Shoes: Target; Necklace; F21}

Then I headed to school with A and my mom, where we found the ideal parking spot, and I put on my cap, gown, and honor cord (for getting an honors degree in Urban Planning). We walked up to the Union, where I went off with my graduating classmates, and A and my mom found seats and met up with A's parents too. I was happy to see that I actually knew some of the other graduates, including a good friend Kelsey, who went on the same Germany trip as I did. We sat together, and rolled our eyes at all the speeches. And then I walked, to the tune of a jazz band (no actual pomp and circumstance) and received my empty degree folder from a professor I didn't know.

My dad, who teaches at the University, made it to the end of convocation, where we snapped some pictures. Sadly, the one of me and A is blurry. Then we went to the CA+P building for refreshments, ,and then my dad's college for lunch. I skipped convocation for my second degree, Environmental Studies, which was in the evening.

And then A and I went home, finished packing, and headed off for the airport to catch a plane to Florida!

PS: I graduated Magna Cum Laud! Totally unplanned, but a pleasant surprise.

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Heidi Hamilton said...

Congrats Marta! So much hard work!

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