Sunday, May 22, 2011

I love job.

{In Italy/Epcot.* Roman Holiday, anyone?}

Things I love about my new job, so far:
  • I get a new phone! It will be super awesome! I know it is silly that I'm so excited about this, but I have never had a "smart" phone or a data plan or anything, so this feels like a real step up for me.
  • I get to dress up, meaning wear business clothes. I did some thrifting for new stuff last week (picked up a linen chambray banana republic skirt, crisp white shirt, and pretty silk blouse, as well as two new pairs of awesome jeans!) and now I get to go find some new basics, like a pencil skirt and some new pumps. I really want a suit, but can't find that perfect balance between quality and cost. Ideas?
  • My commute is shorter. Navigating downtown actually takes a long time. Now my drive is almost all freeway, and it goes super fast because I'm going off hours (because of the 4-tens schedule).
  • I'm actually going to have great health care! With dental and optical!
  • I get to help people, which makes me feel good.
  • The people I work with are fun and funny.
  • Often there is food (maybe last week was unusual, but I love free food at work!).
  • I have a name badge/key card.
  • We're shopping for a new car now that I am out of school actually earning something, and driving everyday (I love/hate this part. Hate car shopping, but will love having a new car).
*I'll be sharing random pictures from our trip for the next while!


alyddall said...

I think it is hilarious that you are excited about having to dress up. However, you do it well. It would be like Chinese water torture for me to have to care about what I wear every day.

I am super excited for you that you found a job you love. Also BIG BIG congrats on the health care. Don't know when ours will be any better than it currently is.

Chelsea Lauren said...

I was in sears the other day and they had a line called Apostrophe that was quite cute and better quality than JC Penny had for work clothing for about the same price. I didn't try any suits on, but their slacks came in very cute and on trend colors, and had the option for a long/short inseam. So, you might have luck with them for a suit. Also, the Banana Republic Outlet is always a good option.

Trish the Dish said...

yay! So fun finally getting to hear about your new job! By the way-you still need to call me :) but I know you're a busy girl! :)

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