Monday, September 13, 2010

zucchini me


I used up part of a giant zucchini* last night and made some cupcakes. I used this recipe from Martha, it only has 1/3 cup oil, while most others I found had 1 cup oil and 1 cup butter!

I didn't want to frost them, so I added a cup of chocolate chips to the batter. They are pretty good! I still think I would sub some applesauce next time, they seemed a little oily! Also, it would be wise to use cupcake papers, as directed. I didn't have any, and the "crust" seemed to get pretty brown. I love having little treats like this to take in my lunch, a sweet serving of vegetables and protein!

*If you use a giant zucchini, make sure to remove the big yucky seeds before shredding!

1 comment:

Valerie said...

I heart chocolate chips in my breads. I'm especially partial to banana bread with chips.

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