Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wednesday update, and other randomness.

  • Yes, I'm still alive, and still off facebook.
  • I applied for graduation today (!)
  • My sister-in-law gave us some cookies yesterday. They just happen to be my MOST FAVORITE kind, soft ginger. I'm eating some now.
  • Today I went to cook a frozen burrito. two were stuck together (really stuck) so I had to cook and eat both.
  • BLTs minus the B and the L are hamazing, especially with salt and pepper and fresh mozarella.
  • Dear TV: please stop making so many shows that I like. I just don't have the time.
  • I really want to go to grad school. Ideally to Columbia (the school, not the country).
  • Haagen-Dazs makes chocolate sorbet. It is fat free, though you'd never guess to taste it.
  • A and I are going to Argentina in November. It is going to be fantastic.
  • I have done a few posts on my other blogs, just so you know, here and here.
  • I went to the U of U game with A and our bro-in-law (they bought season tickets). We saw a lot of men wearing red dresses. It was weird.


amy said...

oh my gosh, a shout out on your blog for my cookie!!! i had no idea you liked them so much! i feel so very flattered. :) perhaps I should make some more....

ooh, and columbia, that would be cool. you know they have a world-renowned journalism program, too. but... i want to hear more about the logistics... (you're supposed to be my neighbor in a year or two! ok, more like two?)

Becka said...

The cookies sound like my favorite cookies too. Mine our called Soft Molasses but have a lot of ginger in them.

Dave's going to Argentina in November too. Never thought someone else I knew would be going at the same time...who knew. He'll me in Malargue though which is a little south of Mendoza. I'm positive that's not where you are going. I'm very jealous though and I'm thinking of stowing away in your luggage.

Ana said...

I miss you on fb but think you are so wise to step away! Hope you are going to make it up here in a week ... dying to see you.

Chelsea Lauren said...

So, I don't know how often you check this anymore, but I would LOVE for you to do a post on how to make outfits, maybe on the Hipster Thrifters blog? You always do such a good job of making cute looks out of what you already have- and I need lots of help!

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