Saturday, September 4, 2010

sing to us, mr. mayer.

For our anniversary, we went to the Owl City/John Mayer concert. My work had a table there, so for a few hours labor, we got to see the concert for free! There are definitely perks to working for a non-profit.

I didn't even know that Owl City was opening, but I LOVE them, so I was pleasantly surprised. A has even created a "Fireflies" ringtone for me.

So, don't hate me, but I've never loved John Mayer. There have always been songs I've liked, but I have been known to hit the skip button on Pandora on occasion. Well, this concert has totally changed my opinion. I have a whole new appreciation for Mr. Mayer. It was a great concert.

Because I was there early for set up, I got to see John rehearse! That is him, on stage, behind me.

We didn't have actual tickets, so we just floated around in the seated area.

Owl City!

The handsome hubs. He shaved off his civil war beard just for the occasion.

I was real excited.

Happy Anniversary to us!

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