Thursday, August 19, 2010

wish list: fall shoes.

As I cleaned out my closet room* today, I began compiling a wish list for fall shoes. Let me share.
  1. Wellies. I've been wanting these forever. Today I can't help but think, "If only I had some rain boots to wear out in this downpour, I wouldn't be stuck in the house, and my pants wouldn't be damp from a tromp in the garden." They have a big price tag, and almost never go for under $100, but these are the kind of boots you can hand down to your children and grandchildren. I try to convince A that they are an investment. He remains unconvinced. For now I think basic black is what I would choose.
  2. {via}
  3. Sorel Snow Boots. These are another forever-wanted item. As I approach my last year in college, I realize I only have one more winter of riding transit and tromping about campus in the snow, but I still feel like I need these babies. What if I need to shovel the driveway? What if I want to go snow-shoeing? What if I want to leave the house when there is snow on the ground? All of these situations call for snow boots, and like the Wellies, they are an investment.
  4. Black Boots like these or these. I bought some cheap black boots on Black Friday last year. They were not leather, and cost about $40. Needless to say they only lasted one season before totally disintegrating. I like these ones from Target, and can't decide if it would be better to invest more on some that will last longer, or just continue buying a cheaper pair every season.
  5. Black booties. I can't decide between a flat or a heel, so since this is a wish list, I'll say both. I especially like these, from Born (I specifically looked for a comfort brand pair). I think I'd wear these with skinny jeans and with dresses and tights.

  6. Brown booties. In my search for black booties I found these, and loved the brown even more. Now I just need to find a knock-off, since these are more than $350.
  7. Ballet Flats. I need basic brown and black. For brown I like these, and for black I like these, which are on sale for under $10.
Now, with all these shoes, I'd be set for the season. I mean, a girl can dream, right? What's on your wishlist?


Emma said...

i love the black wellies, so chic. and definitely and investment!

Ana said...

These in black:,2,6,47,824&iProductID=13935

These in Black Flower:,2,6,47,824&iProductID=12666

Can you tell I love this store that caters to my sturdy legs?

Chelsea Lauren said...

...i bought another pair of shoes last night. I think I have a problem...

Andrew said...

Oh baby, the search for cute boots is on!

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