Monday, August 30, 2010

so frustrated i could cry, but instead i'll stress eat.

It is the one class that I have to get into to graduate. The one I need to write my thesis next semester. And the one standing in the way of my scholarship kicking in (I need it to be "full time"). The one that I've been trying to get into for MONTHS and especially for the past week.

One spot finally opened up in it. One spot. And guess what? I can't get in. It is asking for an add code that I don't have. And I don't have the professor's email, because he wouldn't let me keep a syllabus, and it isn't listed online.

I am so frustrated I could cry, but instead I'll just eat most of the Kashi Toasted Asiago Snack Crackers I just brought home from Winco that are supposed to be for lunches. A will probably not love that.

Frustrating that the most difficult part of college is not the actual coursework, but the registering and scheduling of classes. Gah!

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