Thursday, August 5, 2010

Have an Incredible week.

It has been a great week. Let me tell you about it.

Monday: We went go-karting with some of A's family and coworkers at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele. They have a crazy deal on Mondays, 6 people for $30, and 10 minutes on the track. It was so fun! I was the only girl to drive, and was definitely the slowest, but it was a blast. Now that I have a feel for the whole deal, I think I'd be faster next time. A had the fastest lap time, probably from watching all that Formula 1 racing.

Tuesday: I got to go to the Listening Session about America's Great Outdoors with Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. I'm writing up a blog post about it for my work blog, and will be sure to link it over when it is finished! I also took my last final of the semester (yes!) a.k.a., the last summer semester of my college career! I also got to see my parents after their trip to NYC, and also got to chill with my sister and her two cute kids. My mom and I went on a shopping adventure to try to find shoes for A. No luck there, but I did manage to find an adorable chambray shirt dress. My thrifted oversized striped shirt now has competition.

Wednesday: A and I went to Incredible Pizza to celebrate our nephew's 4th birthday. That place is like Chuckie Cheeses on steroids, and a lot newer (read: cleaner). We were both starving, so were excited to hit the buffet. I suggest you avoid the mac and cheese and all desserts except the cinnamon rolls. The pizza was actually decent. Interestingly, the plates and portions were rather small, a brilliant tactic by the owners. Smaller means you'll take less, eat less, and throw less away. Awesome. We mini-bowled there, some go-karted, some laser-tagged, some mini-golfed, and some bumper-car rode. The kids loved it, which made it fun for us.

Thursday: Today I have to go to two doctors (one for a cholesterol follow up, and the other for my allergy shot). I also am going visiting teaching. Luckily I love my companion and the cute ladies we visit, so it is always fun.

Friday: Tomorrow I'm going to my real job and then in the afternoon up to my shop. We got a lot of consignment from a local nonprofit, so buying any of those items will directly benefit a good cause. I'll have to post more about it later. Anyway, the clothes need sorting and tagging, so that will keep me very busy Friday.

Saturday: We leave for California! We're staying in Vegas for one night on the way in. I am indescribably excited. One of our friends that is going said something like "we could make peanut butter fun." It is so true.

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