Wednesday, August 18, 2010

wardrobe funk.

I'm in one of those phases, where despite having a closet full of clothes and shoes, I can't seem to find anything to wear. I think there are a few reasons for this.

  1. My style has changed. A lot. I no longer wear jeans+tee+sneakers everyday. I'm more into dresses+skirts, skinny jeans+leggings, cardigans, ballet flats+heels. I like more vintage than preppy these days.
  2. I'm a total pack rat. I have such a hard time getting rid of perfectly good clothing and shoes. What if I want to wear those watermelon pink+green sneakers someday? If I get rid of them, I won't even have the option, and I'll probably regret it. Right? Well, probably not right. Or what about that brown skirt with pink sequins that I wore to the 9th grade winter dance, won't I want to have that when I'm old for sentimental purposes? Really. I need an intervention here. Any volunteers? This problem is leading to another problem. I think it is hard for my significant other to consent to me buying more clothes+shoes because my closet is so full. What he may not realize is that most everything is old or doesn't fit. I probably only wear 25% of the clothes, and maybe 20% of the shoes.
  3. Summer dressing is harder than winter dressing for me. I have wardrobe limitations (I keep things modest, things must have sleeves and best grace the knee) that make this so. Winter is so much easier, layering up sweaters, cardigans, tights, leggings, boots, coats, and scarves.
There are some options here. It may be easier to build an outfit from an organized and weeded out closet, so perhaps I should get rid of some clothes. I could do another clothing exchange. I could try to take some to Plato's Closet. Or, I could donate the clothes to a thrift store. The last option is what I'll probably do. The thing that gets me is that I feel that I might as well keep these unworn items if they're just going to end up donated. I can't let go! Blahblahblah. Insert intervention here, please.

I went "back-to-school" shopping with my dear friend Chelsea today. She scored some super cute finds from JC Penney, Forever21 and Forever Young Shoes. I was on the verge of buying some things myself (and by that I mean that I tried some on and really wanted them) but decided against it when I thought about my sweet husband and his awesome frugality (which really is such a blessing). Here's what I almost bought at JC Penney:

This shirt was only $9. I picked up the medium, which fit loosely like my favorite oversized shirt.

I had found a big gold necklace with royal blue stones for $9 as well, but can't find it online, I liked the blue and gold with the black and white. In my search for this necklace online, I found this amazing statement necklace on clearance for $20! It is now on my wish list. I might try to make one with costume jewelry.


There was one more shirt for $7 that I liked, but I can't find it online either. It was black with cool zipper embellishment around the neckline.

At Forever21 I was lusting after some ankle-length leggings, like these, at a low price of $4.50:


I also looked at this store in the mall called Forever Young. When I worked at the now-defunct Haight Boutique, this store was our nemeses. Now I go there occasionally. They offered me 30% off any open-toed shoes. I found some sandals for $21 (minus the %30) that were super cute, and also some much-needed ballet flats, also $21.

If I had purchased all of my finds today, I would have spent around $65 and come home with two shirts, on necklace, a pair of leggings, and two pairs of shoes. Instead that $65 will be going to pay for student fees, tuition, and textbooks. Well, probably more like one textbook. Ah, the life of a poor college student.

So now I have questions for you. Do you ever get in a wardrobe funk? How do you get out of it (without spending a fortune)? What are you buying on clearance from summer, and what are your planned fall purchases? Where do you draw the line for keeping old clothes?

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