Sunday, September 6, 2009

A week in review...

So the week really picked up on Thursday. We went to the football game, it was great! A smuggled in some hot dogs (fat free)and we were all decked out in our Utes gear. Long story short, we won!

Friday was also great, and probably my favorite day of the week. (Pictures Above) I had to work in the morning, but came home a bit early so we could get ready to head up to the canyon. We put together some tinfoil dinners of chicken and brown rice, with a side of seasoned vegetables. The vegetables were far better than the chicken. Dessert was the usual dutch oven peach cobbler, cake mix and sprite included. It is often snubbed, but is in reality delicious. Millcreek canyon was beautiful. It was cool and even sprinkled a little bit. We played cards while our food was cooking, and just had a good time in general. We had such a nice time that I think we'll be doing it a lot more often.

Saturday included some of our usual routine, mainly going to Costco for samples. Unfortunately I think they are phasing out the key lime pie, my favorite. We also spent a long time out in the garden picking tomatoes. We are in the process of drying all the cherry tomatoes, and we blanched and froze all the roma, cream sausage, and amish paste tomatoes. Saturday evening we went to the Desert Star, a theater that does spoof comedy shows. We saw Snooty and the Beast and had some surprisingly delicious pesto pizza. The show was funny, and the company (A's parents) was great. It was a good night.

Today we went the baby blessing of our latest niece. She slept the whole time and was so cute in her poofy white dress. Lunch after was great. We then enjoyed a leisurely nap, and then went out with A's brother and his cute wife and little girl. We drove around this cool neighborhood in West Valley, where all the houses were designed by the same architect and are very modern. Some of them are a bit rundown, but others were really well maintained and had neat features like interior courtyards and "conversation pits." Now we're just relaxing, looking forward to a holiday tomorrow with my family.

Life is (still) good.

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