Sunday, May 3, 2009


Here's what's up.

We went to the Red Butte Gardens fund raising plant sale yesterday, in the rain. It was really cold and muddy and wet, I bought hollyhocks. A bought tomatillos and peppers.

I got a job, yay! I will be working full time this summer for an engineering firm. They have one planner, that I'll be working with on a couple different projects. More information to come.

I have a paper and a reading quiz due this week. Yikes, I am going to be working my tail off up until Wednesday. I'm wishing I had taken a week off before I start my new job a week from tomorrow.

I signed up for a class that is going to Germany over fall break. I have yet to convince A to "let" me go and still take a trip with me to Europe sometime soon. Hopefully since I'll be working full time I'll make enough money that we can do both.

I may be getting a new bike this week, which is pretty exciting.

I found my old Barbies at my parent's house yesterday. It was pretty funny looking through all the old clothes and headless dolls, mostly Skippers and Stacies. A lot of the clothes are fantastically eighties, inherited from my brother-in-law's sister, in bright pinks and greens. I even have one dress that I think would belong on a Dolly Parton as seen in "Nine to Five" Barbie. It has a patent white belt.


Ana said...

Sounds like the good life for you! I didn't know your job was actually in your field - that is fantastic! For perspective, the summer after *my* sophomore year of college, I worked at Subway! So, you rock!

Hollyhocks ... how beautiful! You can make Rosie and Adelaide some hollyhock dolls. Ask Mom.

Anonymous said...

So what is this class, and how much does it cost?

Marta said...

I am really loving this job, and feel *very* lucky to have it, especially in this economic climate.

Mom used to have hollyhocks in front of her current house, and I have enjoyed countless hollyhock dolls. If I remember correctly, they require some other flowers as well, like daisies?

This class is URBL 4960, Urban Ecology. You should totally look into it Chelsea!

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