Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ready, set, go!

Evie walked, for the first time, on October 26th. She took a few little steps, halting and in desperation (it was right at bedtime, and she really wanted to get to me so I'd hold her). We've practiced since then. The first few days she wouldn't do it again. Then she decided it might be ok, especially if we gave her something to hold onto. Then tonight, in a mid-storytime break, we decided to try again tonight. And she just took off, toddling back and forth between us. We looked at eachother, a combination of excitement, awe, and disbelief on our faces. It really is amazing,  not just witnessing this milestone,  but watching her every day. People sometimes get down on parenthood-- like a recent study that showed that people without children are happier than those with-- but I really do think it is the greatest.

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