Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dear Evelyn, you're growing up.

Well, you are 11 months now, plus one week. You're birthday is just around the corner. It seems weird now to think that soon we won't be counting weeks or months,  just years.

You mostly crawl and furniture walk still, but today you walked across the aisle and back a few benches ar church,  probably ten steps and your longest distance yet. It was pretty exciting.

You still clap, play peek-a-boo, wave at EVERYONE,  occasionally sign (more, milk, all done), and examine teeth. Now you also put things back (toys in a basket, rings on a stacker, etc.). You don't say recognizable words yet (though your cousin is convinced you said nugget), but you jabber and make noise all the time.

You go to the gym with me, and happily play with toys at the daycare there. You don't cry, which is great. And you love other kids, especially your cousins.

You eat lots of things: grapes, string cheese, peas, veggie soup,  apple, banana,  muffins, oatmeal, pb&j, rice, carrots. You love to have drinks, either water or water with a bit of juice mixed in.

You sleep through the night almost always, and nap twice a day almost always. You've started throwing tantrums, usually surrounding naptime, and we hope this isn't an omen for the toddler years. Mostly, you are funny and cheerful and friendly and sweet.

Love you baby girl, can't believe you've been here almost a year!


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