Saturday, July 20, 2013

Seven Months

Once again,  I can't believe my baby girl is another month older, and bigger! Has she really been around more than half a year? I feel like I blinked, and suddenly she grew up.

Well, sort of. She's got a lot more growing up to do still.

Evie still only has two tiny, razor-sharp teeth (whenever she gives me a slobbery kiss/bite, or chows down on the leather sofa or table edge, I think of Sunny from "A Series of Unfortunate Events"). She doesn't have enough hair for pigtails, but the hair she has shines golden in the sun. She is semi-mobile: no crawling yet, but scooting backward and flopping over to a crawling position whenever she is seated, and lots of wiggling.

She is no longer a quiet, serious baby (I worried about that for a time), but spits, hoots, grunts, and screeches with excitement, and is usually smiling or pulling a funny face.

She doesn't love baby food, but likes small bites of fruit in the morning (banana, nectarine, melon, etc.) and has been known to chomp on a green bean, french fry style.

She adores Baby Signing Time. She's been to four movies (Les Miserable,  Smurfs, Dispicable Me 2, and Monsters University). Evie's favorite songs are the Tiki Room and Wheels On the Bus (I'm 95% sure she dances to the Tiki Room song, by popping her little knee to bounce up and down).

She's slept through the night once since month 3 or 4, whenever she stopped. It was glorious. She will not take  a bottle. Or a binky. I feel like I might never go out again, but I know it won't last forever. Oh, and she's still sensitive to milk protein.

Evie loves to play. Lap games that involve bouncing are the best, and knocking down block towers is pretty great too. Some of her favorite toys are not toys, like a wooden spoon, old fashioned clothes pin, survival bracelet, and anything paper.

If we are somewhere noisy, Evie likes to get in on the action, and starts shrieking.  Sometimes she has shrieking conversations with her dad.

She's started to notice when I leave the room, and cries. It makes me feel pretty special,  but is not always convenient.

Evelyn really is delightful. Between the mundane and  moments of frustration, mess, and tears, I am awe-struck that this wonderful little person belongs to me. I try to cherish the times she won't let me put her down, and I have to hold her while she sleeps. I nuzzle my nose into her neck, blow raspberries on her soft tummy, hold her tiny hands, gaze at her sweet face, and kiss her chubby cheeks and little lips. Life really is a miraculous thing, and I feel privileged to be trusted with the job of motherhood.

On that note, happy 7 months to Evie. Try not to grow up too fast, ok?

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