Friday, July 12, 2013

(almost) seven months

I haven't done my usual weekly update in awhile. Here's what's new.

Evie sleeps on her tummy. We put her on her back, and she rolls. Sometimes when we go in to get her, she is propped up on her hands, crying. Silly girl, just rest your head! She is somewhat mobile. She doesn't crawl, but if you put her down on her stomach, she moves (usually backward).

We used to say Evie was a quiet baby. Now, she squeals, hoots, spits, laughs, and babbles all the time. It is adorable, and entertains whoever is around.

Evelyn still has some goofy newborn hairs, but the new hair growing in is very light, and sometimes looks almost blond. Her eyes are a mystery color. Not really blue, not green or hazel, kind of a mix. The outside is rimmed with black, and so they often look really dark in pictures.

Evie loves to be tickled, bounced, and just given attention. Sometimes she cocks her head to the side and looks at you until you acknowledge her.

She still just has the two bottom teeth, and we find little bite marks on lots of things.

Here are some pictures of baby Evelyn at 6 months, in her teeny bikini.

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