Monday, June 18, 2012


June eleventh. Day I told my boss that we're having a babe. Then I told the world on Facebook.
June twelfth. Day I brought Christmas cupcakes to work and confused all my coworkers, til they realized what it meant and congratulated me.
June seventeenth. Day I spoiled A for his first Father's Day.
June twenty ninth. Day I have a gender scan ultrasound, at just more than fifteen weeks.
July sixth. Day I have my sixteen week OB appointment.
July nineteenth. Day I have my second NuMom2b study visit, with another ultrasound.
July thirty first. Day I reach twenty weeks, the halfway mark!
December eighteenth. Estimated day baby will come. We cannot wait.

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Trish the Dish said...

Ok I feel pretty dang STUPID I didn't even know about this blog :(. But I've LOVED reading it tonight! I can't explain how EXCITED I am for you to be entering the mommy world! I read on Chels blog that you had this blog-that's how I found out. Sad. Anyway, she said you guys are having a combined shower? I'd like to help in ANY way possible! Can't wait! I'm assuming this is a friend shower? I'd be more than happy to throw you a different shower too like a ward shower or anything. What do you think? I love you friend and I KNOW you will be an INCREDIBLE Mother!

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