Thursday, June 21, 2012

dang girl!

Maternity clothes are dang expensive.

Granted, this is coming from a girl that does 98% of her shopping at thrift stores, 1% at cheapo trendy stores like H&M, and 1% on quality splurges (boots, pretty dresses, leather jackets, etc.).

But dang!

I returned the $70 of Lilac clothes to Costco (the shirt and shorts with holes in them). I searched all over the mall for more maternity. JC Penny had some good clearance, but all the sizes were huge, and the one pair of pants that could have worked were way too short. I swear, clothiers must think that all pregnant women are shorties. I tried F21: no stores in Utah carry the maternity line. I tried Motherhood. Nothing was on sale for less than $20, and is it just me or do their pants run really small?

Finally I gave up and went to Target. Thank you Liz Lang Maternity. But still, I picked up two pairs of pants for around $60, and for Target that is pretty expensive.

What can I say? I'm desperate. Now that I'm public, I'm free to wear pre-pregnancy shirts that show off my sort-of-bump, but pants are a growing challenge. If I do the rubber band trick, I have to be extra sure my shirt is long enough in the front. Anyway, I hope these pants last for 6 more months and multiple pregnancies, because they were not cheap. And, I should probably make a better effort to thrift some maternity clothes. Who's up for a shopping trip?

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Todd + Rachel said...

Maternity clothes are SO expensive! I've had some luck with Old Navy... their stuff is pretty reasonable and everything I've got fits great and is really comfortable. Pants are SO hard though, I've been living in maxi skirts that I've found at Ross and Old Navy, they have been life savers this summer so far! I also found some capris at Ross that were only like $10 and I love them. Perhaps check there?

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