Monday, December 20, 2010


This is what our tree usually looks like. Sort of leany.

I feel scroogey this year. Not because I don't like Christmas, I LOVE Christmas.

It is just that we're moving. And trying to finish my parents' basement. And trying to sell all our furniture. And because of all this, we haven't put up any Christmas decor, except a wreath and Christmas cards on the door, and some festive swag I found when cleaning out a drawer. Sad, no? I usually love decking our halls with antique glass balls and twinkling lights, but there is just no point this year.

Meanwhile, who knew it was so time consuming to cut and install beadboard! Thank goodness for patient husbands, fathers, and friends. Also, if you are buying vinyl stick-down tile for a room, special from the Home Depot, make sure you buy all of it at once. Trying to track it down 5+ years after the fact is difficult.

Also, mouse poop is so yucky. SO.

Just so you know (and so I can keep track) here's what we still need to do:

  • Move washer/dryer upstairs.
  • Move cabinet to new laundry room.
  • Transfer laundry supplies to cabinet, as well as tablecloths.
  • Deliver dresser (formerly full of tablecloths) to Ogden.
  • Transfer paint to shelf in storage room.
  • Call countertop guy to come and measure, and then install counters.
  • Buy and install sink.
  • Install two windows.
  • Frame and put paneling up on one wall.
  • Install ceiling tiles on half of room.
  • Install floor tiles on end of room (once they arrive in two weeks).
  • Paint entire room.
  • Change out hardware on cabinets.
  • Sell family room set.
  • Move everything (including three sets of dishes [I know, what 21 year old has three sets of dishes? I'll tell you, one whose mother collects dishes, that's who.]).
Good news is, we sold our piano! The buyer has been driving me crazy, and wasted a fair amount of my time, but finally said she would buy.

And we have done a few festive things, like attended the David Archuletta Christmas Concert with the Tab Choir, and the Salt Lake Children's Choir Christmas Concert at the Cathedral of the Madeline, and pulled off our own church Christmas program, and listened to lots of Christmas music at home and on Pandora (thanks for the Sissel CD, Annie!), and gone to the mall just to walk around and watch people. Merry Christmas, no?


Ana said...

Moving really makes Christmas hard. I had the same problem last year. Even if you just enjoy the last few days and think about Jesus, that is enough. Next year you will feel like doing it up even more. At least that is what happened to me! Merry Christmas Marta Scrooge, I love you!

Chelsea Lauren said...

Don't worry, I have three sets of dishes too. Granted one is from the DI, but it was pink and I just had to have it for girl's nights. :)

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