Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas fare.

I was assigned to bring some sort of fruit for Christmas Eve dinner this year, and here's what I'm thinking. I'd like to do something festive, so here's the plan: blood oranges, pomegranates, and persimmons. I don't know that I've ever had a persimmon, but they seem Christmas-ish. I think I'll do some sort of minty dressing on top, or ginger. I can't decide.

For Christmas Day dinner, I'm making "out of this world rolls." I think after my Thanksgiving experience, I'll be a pro.

I guess I should go grocery shopping.

What are you making for Christmas this year?


Ana said...

Persimmons are delicious and definitely Christmasy to me after living in California when they are in season for the holidays. Be careful which kind you buy. One kind is crisp when ripe and one is mushy. Crisp would be better. I'm sorry I've forgotten which is which. They are fabulous with a hard salty cheese like manchego.

I am always disappointed in blood oranges. They are beautiful but I guess the flavor just isn't for me. I like clementines best among all the winter citrus. But I use grapefruit a lot, too, in salads.

And you cannot go wrong with pom at this time of year. Wonderful, they ain't kidding.

Ana said...

Oh, for Christmas.

We're having carnitas for Christmas eve. Slow cooked pork then pulled apart and candied in the oven, served on soft corn tortillas with radishes, avocado, green onion, pico de gallo, etc. I have not figured out a dessert for this. Two years ago I tried to do flan and it ended badly. I don't know if I am brave enough to try again.

Christmas Day I am trying to decide if I want to make buttons and bowknots, or cinnamon rolls. Then we will just graze all day. I have discovered that nobody cares if we have Christmas dinner on Christmas day so we just relax and eat oranges and candy and it's awesome.

The day after is when I will do a big dinner with ham, scalloped potatoes with jarlsberg, the same rolls as you, green salad, and either green beans or brussels sprouts depending on what's on sale. I am hoping for brussels sprouts. Trifle for dessert - I am inventing a recipe in my mind with brownies and oranges and caramel. We will see if I can pull it off.

amy said...

can i go to ana's house for christmas? haha. i love persimmons, used to buy them and eat them like apples in london.

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