Friday, December 24, 2010

As Time Goes By (So Slowly)

Selling things is the worst. We are trying to sell our beast couch (the 4-seater that I can lie down on with arms outstretched and still not touch either end). Actually, we are giving it away, at this point, because no one wanted it even for $20. SO I waited around all afternoon yesterday for someone to come, no show. Now I'm waiting for a different person to come get it. She told me she'd come around 9:00, from Syracuse (about an hour away, max). I called at 9:20, she said she'd wake up her brother, and they'd get going. She called at 10:30, and said she'd be here at 11:15. Sheesh. I am supposed to be painting today. I could have gotten so much done in these three hours! Instead I seeded an entire pomegranate, cut the peel off of and sliced two oranges, two tangerines, two blood oranges, and six persimmons. At least my fruit salad will be beautiful tonight.

PS- I love persimmons! They remind me a lot of papaya, which I also adore.

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