Monday, June 7, 2010

Deals to Meals

You may have noticed a new button on this here blog. Let me tell you about Deals to Meals.

Membership: They compare prices at a variety of grocery stores and post the best deals. This way, you don't have to clip coupons (unless you enjoy it, like my crazy friend Chelsea) or spend hours pouring over adds. They also make up menus that use the food deals, so you don't end up with a kitchen full of food you don't know what to do with. How cool is that? I think it is about $4.95 per month, and considering how much you could save on groceries, that's a pretty good deal.

Food Storage: They also offer tips on deals on food storage items, have a "Food Storage 101" section, and provide recipes that use food storage.

Recipes: I spent some time looking at recipes they've posted, and they look delicious. I especially want to try the chocolate zucchini bread with some shredded zucchini in my freezer I really need to use. They even are featured on local news occasionally with recipes like a homemade Winger's sticky finger salad.

Giveaways!: Right now Deals to Meals is giving away a Bosch mixer! In the past they've also given away gift certificates and free memberships to their site. Definitely worth following.

Anyway, that's all. Wish me luck on winning the mixer, I've suffered three years with nothing but a dinky hand mixer, and it is definitely time for the real thing.

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Chelsea Lauren said...

Hey, now, i don't like clipping coupons, i like hardly paying anything for my groceries. And I don't clip them all, i file them by date and clip them when I use them. I've heard good things about Deals to Meals. I use a site that matches the coupons to the sales for free, but I've not found one like Deals to Meals, with the recipie component for free. does some of that, but she lives in Idaho, so the prices are never the exact same.

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