Friday, May 7, 2010

healthcare today.

Don't worry, this isn't going to be political-ish. Just a venting of frustration after making some doc appointments.

First, I called an allergist. She was booked out until mid August. (Seriously? Seriously!) So I called another, and managed to get in on the 20th. My current misery probably will have passed by then. They need a non-emergency emergency room. One that would treat people who need immediate treatment (like me, with my sinus headaches, wheezy cough, itchy eyes, and stuffy nose) but who aren't in danger of dying. I know there are urgent care places, but they are pricey, and slow, and I want to see an allergist, not a family practice doc.

Second, I called A's family practice doc to make appointments for both of us. He is overdue for a cholesterol follow-up appointment, and I would like to get mine tested. The annoying girl on the phone said that the soonest she could get a new patient (aka me) in was JULY! (Again, seriously? Seriously.) I grumbled and agreed. Then, when it was time to make A's appointment, she was like, "Can he come next Thursday?" I was so bugged. Why do I have to wait three months and he gets in within a week? Doesn't being married to an existing patient get me in? Couldn't we just come in on the same day?

Then, the annoying girl asked if A would need his blood drawn. I felt like saying, "Lady, you're the one working at the doctors' office, you tell me." Anyway, she told me that he would need to fast beforehand. Then I asked if I would need to fast since I was coming in to get my cholesterol tested as well. She said yes, like she wasn't even going to mention that I needed to fast. I thought it was weird, and I was totally annoyed and frustrated with this girl. I hope she is gone by the time I get there, all the way in JULY. Frick.

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