Sunday, February 28, 2010

forever 21

Today is my birthday everyone! From now on, every birthday will by my 21st, just not my first 21st. Gives whole new meaning to the store name. (Not that I even really shop there... )

I had an overall great day, and great birthday weekend. (Pictures are at the end... for those of you who do not wish to read my long description of events.)

Yesterday, my bff Trisha took me out for breakfast to The Original Pancake House. I have been there once before, and remember it being unbelievably crowded, so we went early. I mean, early. We were seated around 7:45. I had the Apple Pancakes Jr., which was still large enough to cover me for two meals. Trish had the pecan waffles. It was generally excellent. (PS, the apple pancakes are more of a german pancake, or oven pancake.

We then went back to Trisha's house and watched movies while working on making some flower accessories, sold online here and in person here. My special birthday present? I got to feel Trisha's baby kick! What a miraculous thing, and great present. Thank you Trisha!

In the afternoon, A and I took the train to Costco for our weekly sampling. We then took the bus home, an adventure on public transit. We plaid a few games of Uno, then headed to the DI. I spent two (!!) hours there, and came out with nothing. That wasn't so great. (A did some errands while I shopped.) After that we went and said hello to A's brother and his cute wife and two-year-old daughter, who danced to Beyonce's Single Ladies for us, which just about made me die, it was that cute. They live close to our favorite Indian restaurant, India House, so we stopped by there for some delicious food. I ordered the potato saag, and A had the tandoori chicken. We swapped a bit, of course. It was heavenly. (Who knew stew could be so delicious?) So, Saturday was a good day.

Today, I woke up to a delicious breakfast of pull-aparts, and some very thoughtful gifts. First, a kitchen scale (eek!) and the second Glee CD, along with some Almond Joy m&m's. Second, two skeins of beautiful peruvian wool yarn, a set of circular knitting needles (supposedly the cadillac of that variety) and a note saying I am signed up for the Intro. to the Magic Loop Class, all from Blazing Needles. Thank you A! How sweet and thoughtful! A really is SO good at the whole present thing. He is the best.

This afternoon we drove up to Ogden to pick up my birthday cupcakes, and I got some sweet birthday hugs from my niece and nephew. Then it was on to a family party, where I got some more sweet birthday wishes (from kids and adults alike) and had a great dinner. Thank you to Annie for hosting, and to everyone for the food, well wishes, and cards!

Now, onto the pictures.

This is the awesome cupcake taker my cupcakes came in. I need one. They have them at Costco.

My sister is ha-mazing. Not only do these look fantastic, but the taste fantastic!

Dishing up.


They were hummingbird cupcakes, so banana with pineapple and nuts, and cream cheese frosting. So good. Thank you Mary!


Emma said...

marta you were right, i adore them. your sister made me the cutest cupcakes for the bridal shower your mom threw me, i still think about them to this day. you all are so talented!! i hope you had a fabulous birthday!

Chelsea Lauren said...

Looks like you had a fabulous 21st! and will continue having them for some time! ;) he he

Trisha said...

Wait, I was stick on the "Almond Joy M&M's". Is this true?! Do they really have those? If so, where can I find some. Additionally I am astounded by those cupcakes, my goodness-they're gorgeous! I almost wouldn't want to eat them they were so pretty! Glad you had a good birthday!!!

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