Wednesday, January 6, 2010

trying something new.

You may have noticed that lately I've been posting links to my flickr account, the hipster thrifters.

This is a project in its infancy that my sister Mary and I are working on. We were inspired by some other fantastic fashionistas in the blogging world, and thought there might be a place for us in there. We noticed there aren't many (good) fashion blogs relative to Utah and shopping in Utah, and there aren't really many fashion blogs (that are any good) written for the common (wo)man. Mary and I also love to shop, especially thrift shopping, and both wanted to inspire in ourselves better style, and so the journey began.

While we are still working out details, I thought it wouldn't hurt to set up a flickr account and start experimenting. If we're friends on facebook, you are probably very sick of seeing repeated posts linking to this blog and flickr, and I'm sorry for that, but I think it is working. Somehow one of my latest pictures has 139 hits already, after only two days. Either I have a creepy stalker or two, or people are actually interested enough to click through. If the latter is true, it is very encouraging.

Meanwhile, school is about to begin again and my workload (18 credit hours) may slow me down a bit on this, but I do enjoy it, and hope it will turn into something. Mary and I also need to design some sort of site or blog to contribute more than just mediocre self portraits (here I am only speaking for myself and my own mediocre self portraits).

Anyway, I'd love to get some feedback, on the idea and the pictures, both here and on flickr, so please tell me what you think!


Chelsea Lauren said...

18 credit hours? Psh, I'm taking 21. I think we should be in a contest to see who is the most stressed out this semester.

amy said...

i love the outfits you've assembled!

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