Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dear SLC Realtors:

If you can find me a house that...

  • has 3 bedrooms,
  • has 2 bathrooms,
  • has a two car garage,
  • is east of I-15, preferably in Sugarhouse, near the U, in the avenues, downtown, or in the Liberty Park/Nibley Park area,
  • has some classic charm, like an old Victorian or bungalo,
  • does not have updates (therefore decreasing the cost significantly,)
  • costs less than $200,000 and preferably around $130,000,
I will buy it. With lots of money down. Promise.



Chelsea Lauren said...

ha ha, you're a peach. google Wasatch MLS, that should have every home listed with a relator in the Wasatch Valley. I've noticed quite a few smaller homes for sale around Hillcrest high area. Also, when you do move, you can hook me up with your sweet deal on your rental house.

amy said... 'bout we just build our perfect houses in the backyard! :) Except it sounds like maybe you changed your mind. Happy hunting!

Debbie said...

Hi, I found your blog through Teresa Farmer's blog. I think it's great. Anyway, there's a website I use to search for houses in the Salt Lake valley. It is: They list a lot of short sales, and are very detailed. I love that they list when the price of the house has gone down, and by how much. Some of the short sales, I feel bad for the sellers because they'll sometimes go down $50,000 in just a couple months because they are so desperate to sell their house. It's pretty sad, but good for those of us that are looking for a good deal on a house. Anyway, I hope the site helps you!


Marta said...

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions everyone! I've found some potentials, mostly just looking for fun, but who knows? maybe it will turn into something! (And welcome, Debbie! Teresa and my friend Trisha went to hair school together.)

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