Thursday, January 7, 2010

best of Germany.

I thought I'd post some pictures from my October trip to Germany, just a select few, since on facebook I posted more than 500, I think. This is in Berlin, in a building near the Brandenburg Gate. If you can remember the name of it, please post it in a comment, for it has slipped my mind! This interior is more sculptural than functional, but it is very beautiful.

This was our first day in Berlin. We got off the plane and headed straight on a walking tour. It was so exciting, and I was so exhausted. The reality of the trip hadn't set in, the culture didn't feel that different, not like when I visited Ecuador with my family. There were bicycles and cars, and people dressed just like anyone you'd see in Salt Lake, but yet it was different. There were people on the street, the buildings were different, the dynamic on the street and sidewalk was different. It was wonderful.

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