Tuesday, May 6, 2008


With the end of one semester, comes the beginning of another. Class starts for me on Monday, and I'm most excited for taking some more planning classes, and most especially for yoga (I need some extra fun hours for filler, why not get in shape too?) After one week of new classes, I start a new job. Well, actually an internship, with Woods Cross City. Considering most planning students don't get internships until their seniors, and I'm only a sophomore, it's kind of a big deal. I'm pretty excited, though I will miss my secretaries, you all know who you are...Plus, it's a cut in pay and hours, bummer.

Other things are changing too, like the weather, which is a most welcome change. A and I have been playing Frisbee, and my Nelson hand-eye coordination just may be improving. A has also been working oh so hard on the yard, so far he's almost finished the sprinklers, he's tilled and planted the garden, at least the raspberries, the onions, the carrots, and the peas. So far I've done a little raking, and tamed the ivy that grows over the arch that is over the gate that goes into the back yard. I admit I married above me, definitely yard work wise.

I've changed reading too, Dad lent me The Dream of Scipio. In my cd player right now? Yael Naim, a lovely happy getting your internship gift from A, along with some beautiful red gerbera daisies. Best songs are New Soul, as heard on the MacBook Air commercial, and the unique cover of Brittany's Toxic. I like the other tracks too, but it's hard to sing along when they are not in English.

Not changing? Pounds, number of family members, wardrobe, not getting grants for tuition, home location. Tomorrow? It's off to Park City after work to relax at the Mountainside Marriott, thanks to the parents' time share. It's a very welcome change of scene.

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Ana said...

I'm so excited for your new internship! Hope it is a great experience!!

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