Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big or Little?

Did anyone else think the whole boxing theme on American Idol was utterly ridiculous? I did not like it one bit. I also thought the judges were a bit biased, and I felt bad for Big David. I really do think that what the judges say has an influence on how people vote, and they were totally calling Little David. I tentatively think he did do a better job. He seemed more confident while singing, like he knew he was going to win. They both acted a little awkward with good old Ryan Seacrest. Honestly though, I can't see myself buying a Little David CD, can't picture him singing on My 99.5 or 107.5. He's an amazing singer, but I don't know if I consider him a pop recording artist. I could see him going the way of Michael Buble. Big David, on the other hand, I think would be a fantastic and successful recording artist. I would buy his CD. I really do think Little D is going to win, but I sure hope that Big D gets a deal out of this show.

P.S. Big David reminds me of Jack Black, in the best possible sense. He has a slight round belly, the scruffy beard, the innocent yet not so innocent smile with the twinkling eyes, and his vibrato is a little Jack Black-esque. Maybe I just think that because he also reminds my of Brother M, who used to be in a band, who is a really good singer, who also has a winning smile and facial hair, and who has been compared to Jack Black. He doesn't much like the comparison.

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Kristy said...

I totally agree. With everything. Little David has a very pure, clear voice. But I would rather listen to David Cook any day. I LOVE HIM! But hey, if he comes 2nd he'll pretty much be free of the hell that is American Idol Contract. It comes with good things, but I think he'd rather choose his recording label and he'd do much better. So even though I like Big David more, I'm all for Archuleta winning.

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