Friday, February 15, 2008

New and Exciting

Remember that from elementary school/sunday school? Where each person gets to tell some news or a story of some sort? Well, here's what I would share if this were good old 2nd grade:

Dooners: Possibly further south and west than any person would want to travel, but very delicious. This is where we had out Valentine's Day dinner (Gastronomy restaurants were all booked up!) I had the pork, A had the prime rib. Yummy. I would also highly reccomend the sweet potato fries. Gelato is a must, and the sizes and prices were comprable to Cold Stone, while the product was better.

Cherella: Every time I wear my Cherella coat, at lest one person comments on it. It can be the guy at the counter at Caputo's, a shopper at Steve and Barry's, a rider on the train, or just some random person. I got the famous coat while working at the now defunct Haight Boutique, and absolutely love it. I can wake up super late, wear no makeup, and have an old t-shirt on underneath it all, but with this coat on, I can still feel glamorous. It's pretty great.

Music and Lyrics: What a good movie. I want my hair to look like Drew Barrymore's someday, when I have the patience to grow it out. She dresses very chic as well. Unfortunately, Hugh Grant is getting older. He is my Robert Redford, my Harrison Ford, my John Travolta. (I don't get the Travolta attraction, he is just revolting.) I know he's getting old, and that the whole open shirt thing might be a little dirty-old-mannish, but I just can't let that tarnish the old Hugh I know so well.

Valentine's: Dooners, chocolates, and C.S. Lewis. My DH is too much.

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