Friday, November 30, 2007

Gus Gus Enjoys Mexican Food

Last night I made enchiladas. A and I decided to eat while watching Seinfeld, so we dished up and sat on the couch. A got seconds, and then took both of our dishes up to the kitchen. Then he said, "Gus Gus is in the enchiladas!" Gus Gus is the name for the mouse (mice) that live in our house, and apparently, the little guy enjoyed the food as much as we did. As you can imagine, I was utterly disgusted, and totally freaked out. Two minutes later, Gus Gus scurried up the back of the stove again and dove into the casserole pan! Not only does he have good taste, but he's very brave. It reminded me of Ratatouille, when he steals food from the kitchen when the lady is right there watching TV. I don't feel bad for wanting it gone, this mouse does not cook, nor communicate, nor does he walk on his back feet only. Needless to say, I insisted that traps be set, and not by me. A set two up, baited with chicken enchiladas, one on the stove, the other on the floor. We then left for the hardware store to get loaded up with more rodent traps. we got some more traditional traps, and some sticky traps. A set up one more with enchilada, in the utility closet in my room, and two with cheese, by the refrigerator. Last night it took me forever to get to sleep, I couldn't stop thinking about the mice. I was worried that I maybe had left something out on the counter that would attract them, and I swear I heard a trap snap. This morning, the cheese off one of the traps was gone, but no mouse. When we got home from work and school today, all the enchilada bait had disappeared, as well as the cheese from one of the traps. Those mice must be lightweights if they don't even set off the traps. So if anyone has a cat they want to get rid of for a week or so, maybe one that is malnourished and could use some mousy diet supplements, we'll take it!

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