Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thirteen Months

We're one month into year one, and so far it has been so fun.
Evie is so busy, walking all over, opening and emptying cupboards and drawers, exploring the garbage,  and finding every little thing on the floor. She's like human vacuum. 

She is also talking up a storm. She says mama, dada, baby, cheese, me, amen, shoes, go, hot, hat, milk, dog, bye, book, no, yeah, up, out, all done, and eat. She also signs all the time, and we can usually tell what she's saying (drink, water, more, all done, eat, dog, wash hands, please, thank you, stop, banana, cracker, hat, hot, fish, and baby). She surprises us by repeating something we say almost every day.

My favorite new thing that Evie does give hugs. I'll be working in the kitchen, and she just walks up to me and hugs my legs,  or leans her head into me when I'm holding her for a snug and a kiss. It is heart melting.

She absolutely adores Baby Signing Time, and asks for it quite often. When I turn it on, she laughs and smiles, claps and signs along. It is seriously cute. 

I'm still nursing her, but she's down to one nap per day (has been for just more than a week). We're also working on not nursing to sleep. I try to put her down drowsy but awake, then I sing to her for a bit and sit by her crib until she falls asleep. It is going really well, and she's transformed from being ornery at night to being really sweet.

Evelyn is more fun by the moment. I feel so lucky that I get to be her mom, and see her learn and discover every day.

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