Monday, January 6, 2014

say what you wanna say

I've been putting of posting (birthday, Christmas,  etc.) but this can't wait. Evie has had a communication explosion!  She doesn't speak many more words, but she signs like crazy.
She says mama, dada, baby, cheese, yaya (yes), nana (no), pretty, milk, happy,and eat. She tries to say grandma and grandpa.
She signs more please, all done, wash hands, water, hat, eat, thank you, baby, shoes, milk, dog, and bird.
She folds her arms when we start to pray, and is  practically running around the house. She throws balls. She cries when I leave her at gym daycare (a development I'm not thrilled about). She recognizes tunes and starts doing signs or actions, like clapping for If You're Happy And You Know It,  or signing to Baby Signing Time.songs. She has little gibberish she says along to the alphabet song, or counting, or just when looking at a book.
It is amazing the sudden changes that have happened since this little girl turned one. We think she's pretty smart.

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