Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Seven days, and counting.

One year ago, I thought I might go to L&D any minute,  that the baby girl (still unnamed) in my belly  would probably just fall out if I walked too fast. But she didn't. She gave me a week to finish nesting,  to sit at home and wait. 

And now, in one week,  she'll be one. Practically a toddler.

She walks, but mostly still crawls. She holds phones, remotes, and toy phones up to her ear (and mine). She eats green smoothies and CHEESE (tested negative for milk allergy,  woot woot!). She responds to "what does the elephant say?" by buzzing her little lip. She says mamamama and dadadada and sometimes something like byebye and uhoh. She tries to climb, and likes to walk up and down steps. She still loves her cousins, and all other kids.

How can it have been nearly a year?! 

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