Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Almost 10

Evie waves!  Hello, goodbye, and in general excitement. She can eat minestrone soup by the bowl-full. She shakes her head. She stands a bit. She climbs and goes up stairs. She smiles at and talks to all the babies in her books. She's getting to like dogs, or at least not be scared of them. She is scared of some noises, like loud velcro, ripping fabric, the vacuum, and a cookie sheet hitting the hard floor (she pulled it down). She sometimes gives wet, open-mouth kisses. She loves going upside-down. She has enough hair for two little pigtails. She peed on her dad for the first time just this week (pre-bath). She has six teeth with another coming in. She plays independently. She's just funny and darling and amazing.

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

Any child who doesn't pee on their Dad til 10 months old must be some kind of golden child. Travis is Alaina's favorite - but he is also her favorite spit-up/pee/puke/overflowing diaper target.

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