Thursday, October 3, 2013

9 months plus

I have been very negligent about documenting this baby girl here. And she changes so much every day!

Evie crawls, pulls up, and tries to climb everywhere.  She's fallen off the bed once, and hasn't really grasped the idea of edges and ledges. In hee mind ahes invincible,  I think. She has loud "bababahhh" conversations, and whispers "ssssss" when she's happy or excited. She eats, and eats,  and eats. And spits out food. And yells if you are too slow giving her bites. Her favorites are carrots, pot stickers, and applesauce. She is in the 70th percentile for height, and 30th for weight. Her head is in the 90th percentile (there's the Nelson genes).

She is so busy that I think she gets bored. Evie can have a basket full of toys and still just wand to crawl out of the room, find the cords and outlets,  and create general mischief.

She's been a bit fussy and hard to please this last week. She has five teeth now, two on top, three on the bottom. I'm hoping the fussiness is teething. Naps are a continuous challenge,  but she'll usually sleep one hour for at least one of them. 

Evie is still a great clapper. She does pat-a-cake and if you're happy and you know it,  and claps when excited. We think she's practicing to be a dentist,  because she is fascinated with examining our mouths and teeth. She is also really interested in dogs, but quite scared if them.

Evie is busier than ever, but also more fun! She constantly makes us laugh. 

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