Friday, August 23, 2013

Eight months, plus a few days.

I want to remember everything at this time. It seems almost magical. Our serious, somber infant has been transformed into a babbling, bouncing baby.  Evie is constantly giving us (and everyone else) big snaggle-toothed grins. She crawles around the floor playing on her own for big chunks of time. She gives love bites (I call her a little vampire,  bare knees are her favorite). She eats a ton, even from a spoon,  which is a big deal because from four to seven months,  she was not into eating from spoons. She grunts when she wants a bite of food,  which has led to her getting bites of hamburger and other decidedly not baby foods (She mostly just gives them a good lick/suck). She gobbles pb&j, pears,  peas, applesauce pouches,  anything brad,  pasta, and the homemade baby food I made (sweet potatoes,  pumpkin apple, etc.).

Daytime sleep is still difficult. This is magnified by her newly developed skill of sitting up in her crib.  Half the time we go to get her,  she's sitting up and crying. It is pretty much the saddest thing ever.

I showed her a big plush Minnie Mouse at Costco,  abs she loved it.  Minnie gave her kisses and clapped. We went to see Minnie the next time we went shopping,  and it totally made Evie cry!  Sad and funny.

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