Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5.5 Months

Dear Evie,

You are another week older, where has the time gone? In just two more weeks, you will be six months old. I just can't even believe it.

Tonight, I held you in my arms, and looked down at your round sleeping face. I love your little point of a chin, your tiny sweet mouth, and your usually-wide but now-sleeping eyes. I was filled with love for you in that moment, as I am in many moments. You are mine. My baby. And I am yours.

You now take baths in the sink, which is nice because Dad and I can stand up. You like it because you can sit, and your toys don't float away from you. You are also now a pro at grabbing things, and can pick up your toys with ease (today you were loving the silver rattle from Grandma that has a pretty tinkle).You often act like you have somewhere to go, like you would really like to get moving, but you don't quite know how. When I let you flop over onto your stomach, usually when you are on my lap, you mostly end up crying out in protest. I have a feeling you will love crawling.

With your two little razor-sharp teeth, biting has become a problem at mealtime. Someone told me to push your face into me when you bite so that you can't breath for just a second, just to discourage the practice. I tried it, and you laughed! You even laugh when I cry out and say "No!" But, I think you are learning that nursing time is not the time to bite. We are trying to feed you baby food again, but starting slow with just a spoonful each day. I have given you some graham crackers, which you love, but they aren't very good for you so I'm not making a habit of it.

You love to be outside, you love to read "Peek-a-Who," and you love it when we sing "The Wheels on the Bus." You also love Baby Signing Time, and most of the songs from it.

We just love YOU. More and more every day, every week. We feel immensely lucky that we are your parents. You really are the cutest and the best.


Mom and Dad

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