Friday, August 12, 2011


Friday, we went to paseo, a caribbean did stand near the coast in ballard. I almost died, my cuban sandwich was so flipping good. The baguette, the grilled onion, the jalapeno, the cilantro... Oh my.

Then we went to trophy cupcakes. Now, I'm skeptical of all store-bought cupcakes, because I've only had two that were even comparable to the ones my sister makes (one from bouchon bakery, one from disneyland). But. This snickerdoodle cupcake was phenomenal. The cake was heavy, almost like coffee cake, and somehow the outside was crusted with cinnamon sugar. The frosting was very cinnamonish, and sprinkled with coarse sugar. Is was so good. A had the red velvet, which had one adorable heart shaped sprinkle on top. Plus, the shop itself was so cute, and they sent us home with two cupcakes for free since it was near closing time. Literally, sweet!

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