Friday, August 12, 2011

Best Mexican.

So pretty much, this trip has consisted of entertaining Pickles (the english/french bulldog-boston terrier puppy), watching netflix, and eating amazing food. No running around trying to fit in touristy things, just relaxing. It has been so nice, and the food has seriously been spectacular.

Wednesday we went to Kubota gardens, a beautiful japanese garden, and then to dinner at Carta de Oaxaca. We got a parking spot just across from the restaurant, and when we walked up to the door, we were seated immediately. Apparently that was extremely lucky, because it is a crazy busy and popular restaurant.

Everything was very reasonably priced, so we ordered two tacos al pastor to share, A got the posole, and I got the pork mole tamale. Out was spectacular. The sweet, but not like cafe rio sweet, just perfect and delicious. The posole was good, and spicy!

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