Friday, June 10, 2011

smells like bacon.

I just made bacon wrapped smokies and prosciutto wrapped asparagus (we ran out of bacon) for an Elder's Quorum game night up at my church. It all looks (and smells) so good!

Tips for the smokies:
  • Line your baking sheet with foil, that goes up the sides (then you can just throw away the mess)
  • Layer on a wire cooling rack, so the grease all drips down
  • Cut the bacon into thirds with scissors instead of a knife
  • Instead of sprinkling with brown sugar, mound some in your hand and "dip" the wrapped smokies
Tips for the asparagus:
  • Be patient with the prosciutto, it is kind of a pain
  • Just grill the extra asparagus unwrapped, with salt and pepper
  • Use long tongs when out on the grill, asparagus takes some careful turning

1 comment:

alyddall said...

wow - I am sorry we missed the party and your food!

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