Friday, January 14, 2011

feeling pretty.

I feel pretty today. I have new hair (red!) and new bangs, ala "An Education," and mixed leopard with floral. A doesn't like my new bangs, but I love them, so I told him they would grow. Still moving, so no tripod. Hence the myspace-esque mirror picture, which is so dumb, I know.


Chambray Tunic: Ross
Leopard Cardi: from an old friend/coworker at a clothing exchange years ago
Floral Skirt: Shade, thrifted
Brown Tights: Kmart, I think
Riding Boots: Aldo
Awesome new hair: by the Amazing Trisha Simon. Too bad for you she has a baby and is not taking new clients.

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Andrew said...

I'm waiting for a new blog post.

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