Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Does it seem like I haven't blogged a lot lately? It is because I haven't. Because I am so unbelievably crazy busy. Busy enough that I had a group meeting (for class) at 7:00 on a Saturday, because that was the only time we could all get together. Busy enough that when my dad asked me how A was doing, I replied that I didn't really know, because I haven't really seen him much myself (how sad is that?). Busy enough that t is a good day if I'm getting two complete meals in. So busy.

The end is (sort of) in sight. While I know school will be over soon, for this semester, anyway, it still seems really far away. I still have two big papers to write, one big one to finish. One powerpoint presentation remaining, one guerrilla project to complete, a bunch of service hours still to do, and a public meeting in Morgan to attend. I still have to attempt to get 9 hours of work in there (I know, doesn't seem like much, but sometimes it is a stretch) and luckily, my employer has been very gracious and understanding when I don't quite make it.

Want to know one of the things that has taken the hit from all this business? My house. Oh goodness, it is depressing. Every day I dump everything in the front room. There is a pile of books, papers, purses and bags, and shoes. Kitchen? seems like no matter how many loads of dishes I wash, there are always more waiting on the counter. Bathroom? We won't even go there. Laundry business? Let's just call it Mount Laundrimore. Maybe I should go try to remedy part of this mess instead of complaining to you all about.


Trish the Dish said...

Dang! I hate to say this but I'm a bit jelous. My week has been quite slow and I'm not a big fan of that! But I know you can make it through the business! Cause you're Marta! Let me know if you need anything!

Chelsea Lauren said...

There have been these ad's in OSH for laundry service through finals for $20. I've been wondering how much it would cost me to get someone to clean my house every other day, move all my crap, and figure out where the heck the study guide i misplaced last week went. I'm pretty sure that i would also need a personal cook and someone to run all my errands. Maybe the student fees should include a personal assistant for finals.

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