Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Verge of Job Hunting

Now, my internship won't be up until May, unless the budget for my position gets cut, but I'm already feeling the stress about having to find new employment. It's just my luck that my time happens to be up right in the middle of this economic crisis with unemployment figures going through the roof. I could potentially look for another internship to gain some more field experience, and best-case scenario, at a place that would want to hire me on when I graduate, and a place I would want to work for an extended period of time. Or I could get a job somewhere really fun, like a retail place that sells stuff I would want to buy and where I'd get a killer discount. Or I could just not work till I'm done with school, which is secretly what I want to do until I'm reminded that if I want to make it to Italy next year I have to sacrifice some elbow grease.

So, if anyone knows of anyone hiring part time with flexible hours that is fairly close to me (preferably along the Trax route) let me know! I haven't officially started looking, but a head start wouldn't hurt.

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alyddall said...

hey marta - I think you should run this by my dad (who I don't suspect ever reads your blog) and ask who in Murray City government he knows well enough to put in a good word for you. I suspect there are several. He might also know who would be good to work for, etc. Over the years and with all his projects, he is pretty well known to the planning guys.

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