Saturday, September 20, 2008


That's what my nephew S used to call them. We bought one this week, hooray! It's a Strohber Upright Grand, built around 1930. A and I have both been playing it randomly since we got it on Thursday. It definitely is playable, though it needs some serious work. Our bro-in-law D, whose father was a piano expert, came with us at the initial visit. He tested the tuning, the whole piano is a half step flat. When he touched on of the strings to try to tune it up, it broke, so pretty much we have to restring the whole thing. D says it will be easy. We also need to replace all the key tops. Some are ivory with chips, some are replaced with plastic, just the heads, and some have nothing on them at all. Today I'm going to work on getting the beautiful wood looking spic-and-span, and perhaps on getting all the key tops off. Our piano has had some tough love, but it really is beautiful, and despite it being out of tune, it really does have a nice sound.

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