Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fall Semester

This is my first semester of no generals. That is a happy thought, and on that note, here's just how interesting my classes are.

Urban Growth Management: This is the numbers side of Planning. So far, I've learned that soon enough condos, town homes, apartments, etc., will out-value single family homes. Now, before you cry out in disbelief, consider this. We, as a human race, are living longer. As such, we only have children for one-third of our adult life, approximately 25 years, instead of having children and then just dying. Once people are finished rearing children, they don't want to live in the suburbs, far from the city where they could easily access theaters, restaurants, and other such places of cultural association. Anyway, to add onto this, there is a shortage of multi-unit dwellings and an over supply of single-family homes. So, according to my professor, it would be wise to move closer into the city and invest in condos.

LEAP I: This is an architecture class where we've discussed everything from the allegory of the cave, to Vitruvius, to Gaudi. Mostly we've just been looking at pictures of amazing architecture, which is very interesting.

Shaping Urban America: Today we spoke about New Orleans, and "harvesting" within cities. In New Orleans, any house with 36 inches or more of water was condemned to be bulldozed and everything sent to the landfill. We talked about how there is embodied energy in all materials, the energy it took to make them and ship them, and that we can salvage these materials and the energy in them by re-using them.

Planning Processes and Methods: Taught by the former planner for Park City, I'm not entirely sure how this class is going to turn out. More to come on that.

Maybe this all sounds boring, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

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SimonSmiles said...

WOW! I finally got to reading your blog. You are so on top of it! I hardly ever know what to blog about but I guess I should take it from you and just post about anything! It's like a journal:). I actually really enjoyed reading about your classes etc. Sounds like you! I am going to be better about checking your blog so I can actually knwo what's going on with you! Thanks for making it so easy!

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